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Collaborative Law

Collaborative Law is a method of dealing with a divorce or other family problem without going to Court. The idea is that it can be a less adversarial way of resolving issues; therefore both parties to the dispute must agree to embrace the system.

We have specially trained Collaborative Lawyers who can help you to reach an agreement with your partner in a less adversarial way that the traditional Court procedure method.  

Collaborative Law can be used to resolve issues such as divorce or separation, children and financial issues.

The process is different to the usual Court processfree consultation in that it involves face to face negotiations with you and you partner, as well as each of your Collaborative lawyers. The lawyers are there to help you both to see the bigger picture and to facilitate meaningful negotiations which will hopefully result in an agreement which is acceptable to all parties.

How much does it cost?

Collaborative law can be less expensive that the traditional process as it removes any Court fees which are usually payable.

Each party will have their own lawyer who will usually charge an hourly rate. The total cost will depend on how many meetings are required. The more you and your partner can agree on at an early stage, the lower the legal fees are likely to be.

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